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Located in Redmond, OR, Gilmore Dental provides comprehensive general and aesthetic enhancement services. We value patient education and want to provide our patients with opportunities to learn more about our services and oral health. Read our dental blogs to find out more!

The Significance of Preventive Care and X-rays

The Significance of Preventive Care and X-rays Preventive care is the key to maintaining optimal health, and this holds true for oral health as well. X- rays play a crucial role in early detection of issues that may not be visible to the naked eye, ensuring timely intervention and treatment. With minimal radiation exposure, X-rays provide valuable insights into what lies beneath the surface of...

The Ultimate Guide to Rejuvenating Your Teeth for a Healthier Mouth

1. Starting with the basicsTaking care of your teeth is essential for a healthy mouth and a confident smile. Rejuvenating yourteeth begins with excellent home care, including regular brushing with an electric toothbrush, using awater flosser, and regular flossing. However, it is equally important to schedule regular professionalhygiene visits to address areas that a toothbrush may not reach....

Revolutionize Your Smile: Discover the Secrets of Remarkable Dentistry

When it comes to achieving a remarkable smile, the art of dentistry has come a long way. Gone are the days of uncomfortable procedures and painful treatments. Today, dentists are revolutionizing the field with the latest technology, materials, and techniques to provide patients with lasting restorations and optimal oral health. Whether it's ensuring proper alignment of jaw joints, occlusion, or...

The Dental Disconnect: Dentistry is Not Expensive, Decay Is

Without proper dental care, you expose yourself to significant risks that can negatively impact your overall health and well-being. Thus, it is crucial to make regular visits to the dentist a priority in order to maintain proper oral hygiene. Let’s talk some analogies You take your car into the tire store, they tell you there is a nail in your tire. What do you do? Leave without repairing it?...

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Occlusal Disease: From Structure to Esthetics and Everything in Between

1. Introduction Occlusal disease is a complex condition that affects the structure and aesthetics of the mouth, as well as causing significant pain and discomfort for individuals. It is characterized by the breakdown of the bite and the destructive forces that result from misalignment or an unbalanced bite. This comprehensive guide aims to provide a thorough understanding of occlusal disease,...

Achieving Dental Harmony and Balance: A Scientific Approach to Oral Health

1. Dental Harmony and Balance Dental health is not just about having a bright smile and cavity-free teeth. It encompasses the entire oral cavity, including the TMJ, facial muscles, teeth and gum health. Achieving dental harmony and balance requires a scientific approach that takes into account all these elements. In this blog, we will explore the importance of maintaining a healthy TMJ, how...

Have You Thought of Your Teeth Like Gears!

It’s not often we think of our teeth as essential equipment. But just like gears in an engine, your teeth are an essential function of your overall health. As gears in an engine must be aligned to do their job correctly, so must your teeth be aligned to function in harmony and provide you with predictable oral health. What are the risks of misaligned teeth? Gears wear out quicker when alignment...

The Potential Dangers of Amalgam Fillings: Safe Removal Explained

When it comes to dental fillings, amalgam is the most commonly used material. Unfortunately, amalgam fillings can contain mercury and other metals, making them potentially hazardous for our health. Safe removal of amalgam fillings includes understanding the risks associated with their removal, knowing when to get them removed, and the proper techniques to make sure it is done safely. In this...

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