It’s not often we think of our teeth as essential equipment. But just like gears in an engine, your teeth

are an essential function of your overall health. As gears in an engine must be aligned to do their job

correctly, so must your teeth be aligned to function in harmony and provide you with predictable oral


What are the risks of misaligned teeth?

Gears wear out quicker when alignment is off. The same happens with your teeth. The more out of

alignment, the higher the probability of structural breakdown. Occlusion is the term used to describe

how our teeth come together. When you have proper occlusion, it means that your teeth touch as

intended, much like gears in an engine. Bite misalignment or malocclusion, can result in a number of

consequences as the teeth come into contact in unintended ways. These can include jaw and muscle

pain, excessive or uneven tooth wear, cracking, and potential loss of affected teeth. This leaves you

in an unpredictable oral state.


What are the benefits of aligning teeth?

When your teeth are in alignment, you have harmonious balance. Your oral health becomes more

predictable. Your natural teeth will touch the way they were intended, your natural teeth will last

longer as undue pressures are not being put in the wrong place and you will get more life out of your

restorations that you are investing in.

You are also likely to see things such as: improved digestion, better airway, clearer speech, easier to


keep teeth clean, less gum irritations due to being able to keep them cleaner, less unexpected emer-

gency dental visits, better breath and overall better health.


Talk to the dentist about which orthodontic style is best for you, clear aligners or traditional brackets.